Easy Drinkers is the first one and only such club in the world. Members of the club are exclusively rockandrollers in a wide-range meaning of this word. The club doesn't promote alcohol and doesn't encourage to its consuming...










    • There is nothing more beautiful than full packet of Keniger   

    • Łysy          

And this is how it all began...

Once upon a time there was Chelm (in Poland). That was the town where two robust men grew up - Łysy and Batogniew. After they exceeded man's age, that is age when you are allowed to consume beer, began to happen weird and incredible events, about that neither Lublin bishop nor high-ranking Chelm clergy stratums ever dreamed. In Chelm local pubs unexpectedly started crashing mugs, here and then there could be found traces after numerous bashes. All of these things lasted quite long until the youths' financial situation met with sudden change. As they had no idea where to turn to, they burst into Biedronka (Ladybird - popular supermarkets with cheap stuff). In this spacious yellow-colouring place they found solace, got rid of fear and pain of existence. They experienced the taste of navy blue Keniger, that influenced their further vicissitudes...

We should mention their situation, both were chased to different cities. First one - to Poznan, the other - to Lublin. They met rarely but intensive. Once, at the end of the 2003, they went on the second trip to Jezioro Biale (White Lake), where Łysy had its residence. Heavily provided with Keniger, spirit and two packets of beer, that is not worth to mention, they got on PKS (old Polish transport company) and vanished into thin air. Straight off after arrival the first Keniger was opened as the holidays inauguration. At daybreak they felt their first hangover (after Keniger, as some may know, you get strange kind of hangover). 

It's obvious that they drank not only Kenigers brought from Chelm but also hung around the local legendary pub yet called "Piast". The pub is marked by its frequent visitors, don't come there rabble from holiday period camps. This calm atmosphere became liked by the heros of our story. First of all they have a liking for Lublin Perła and Zwierzyniec. In that peaceful place they got to know elite of local social life, namely Marian and Marian II "who couldn't speak". Those two gentlemen celebrated their name day. They posessed high manners and willingly treated once our heros to the mug of delicious cheap wine (plunk). The pub was also visited by other bums, who not being stingy treated to top brand cigarettes. Here it would be also necessary to mention a veteran of the pub "Piast", grandpa who cycled there, took a beer and told some dirty jokes (grandpa was at the age of our pope). Batogniew and Łysy marvelled at this wonderful atmosphere hit on an idea of establishing club called EASY DRINKERS. Very quickly arose the regulations simply based on good manners and good fun. Thanks to them we can enjoy this site. EASY DRINKERS club is the first one and only such club in all over the globe, assembling rockandrollers in a wide-range meaning of this word. It's proud to be EASY DRINKER !!!


Late Marian I, Marian II „who couldn't speak”, and grandpa with bicycle, let's all pay homage them.








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